Math question #5: How many teats does a female cat have?



Subsequent to my recent post, I learned that ALL female cats have teats and therefore it does not mean they are pregnant.

I owe my vet, and more importantly Zoe, a sincere apology. She may be dumb as toast but she’s no wanton feline. She’s just fat.

Apparently my knowledge of feline anatomy is second only to my mathematical skills.

Two years ago Samuel had to attend summer school to repeat his Grade 7 math course. He needed help understanding one of his lessons and as usual I called my dad who at the time was tutoring Sam. I explained the math problem to my father over the phone and he went over how to do the calculations several times. When he started to yell at me because I was unable to grasp what he was saying (causing post traumatic stress syndrome from when he used to try to tutor ME when I was Sam’s age), I yelled back that I was tired from working, doing dishes and laundry all day.

Eventually (after extraneous efforts on both sides) I understood how to work out the math problem enough to explain it to Samuel. I was so proud.

The next day he failed the test.

Sorry Sam.

Sorry Zoe.


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