Mother’s Day

Carol & Rebecca (1965)

When my children were very young, I had a mother’s helper on occasion. One day we were at the little park down the street, as were several other moms and kids from the neighbourhood.

Somehow us moms got to talking about how old our own mother’s were when they had us. I must have said that my mom was 19.

Later, my mother’s helper approached me and said that she’d heard what I’d said earlier. About my mother being 19 when she had me.

Yes, I said. That’s right.

Well, she added, I just want to say that I think it’s really cool that she kept you.

How the world had changed. It was inconceivable to a 15 year old that any 19 year old would intentionally have a baby, let alone be married!

I told my mother about this conversation and she thought it was hilarious. As did my late grandmother.

And to this day, it is a little inside joke between my mother and me. Every so often I will say “I’m glad you kept me” or “Thanks for keeping me” or she will say “I’m glad I kept you.”

Wishing all mothers and daughters a wonderful day today.

I’m spending the afternoon with my mom.

Who kept me.

Note: My talented friend Roxana helped me create this beautiful memento (it’s a photo transferred onto wood and then colourized). I will give it to my mother this afternoon at our Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea.


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. jdm1969 says:

    I’m glad she kept you too! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Mercedes Davila-Musgrove says:

    What a nice story on Mother’s day! I hope you and Carol had a wonderful Mother’s Day and that your celebration will carry through to your birthday! Happy Birthday !

  3. Jo says:

    Love the image – and the story! Hope you had a special time x

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